Let me introduce my family; I'm Sarah (44) and along with my husband Tyler (also 44), we have raised Kaleb (24) who is a grad student and pursuing a career in physical therapy. Next in line is Hendrix (9) who is all things physical. His latest accomplishment was teaching himself how to do a running roundoff into a backflip! And then came Jaxson (8), our little artist. But don't call him that! He is "no good at art" and "hates" everything he does (unknown to him, these are both requirements to be a true artist). And last, but definitely not least, is Alyx (4 going on 24). She is already a makeup guru. But don't let her perfectly applied lipstick fool you! It's nothing to find her knee deep in mud, or chasing after her brothers, waiving a sword or nerf gun.

When Tyler was healthy, he and I enjoyed traveling to spend time with friends and family and taking weekend get aways just the 2 of us. We are avid Dave Mathews Band followers (I'm in the 50's for number of shows and Tyler has a few more under his belt). Tyler loved fishing, golfing, tennis and bowling (he's even bowled a 300!) and spending time with the family. We love and are known for the get togethers we host. Even though our parties have had to get a little tamer and smaller these days, we love surrounding ourselves with friends and family. I have been a self employed hair stylist for 12 years. I recently bought a new salon when we moved back home to be closer to family, and it has been an oasis for me during all of this. As I mentioned before, I love to host parties, which allows me to get in the kitchen and cook or bake. I love gardening, photography, decorating, organizing and the idea of working out. In the past I have been called a type A (or A+ as I like to say) personality and that has been one of the biggest things that I have had to reconcile with; letting perfection go and just being okay with doing the best I can. It's a lesson that I'm still trying to learn. I don't know that I ever will, but I'm no quitter.